Wednesday, February 21, 2007

How Some "Nanny State" Laws Backfire

John Stossel has a special on this on Friday. Here are some of the ones I found particularly interesting:

Bike helmet laws: Countries that require bicyclists to wear helmets find that fewer people ride, possibly making us fatter. And it's not clear that the mandatory helmets result in fewer injuries; one study found cars pass closer to bicyclists wearing helmets. And now that I wear a helmet, I take more risks — I ride in NYC traffic. (Some research suggests that the best safety protection for bicyclists is to wear a wig, to look like a woman. I'll try it.)

Sanitizing the house: Sterile houses may be giving more children asthma. It's possible that I helped give my own daughter asthma.

Child safety caps: Medicine bottles are now so tough to open that some people leave the cap off. More poisonings result.

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