Monday, April 2, 2007

Tammy Bruce's Talk at Chapman

Tammy Bruce's visit to Chapman last week was one of the highlights of the semester thus far. Even at Chapman's relatively conservative, hard-to-offend campus, we had a couple of walk-outs towards the beginning of her talk. Ms. Bruce focused on the importance of speaking your mind and refusing to be silenced by the new "thought police" (a.k.a., the liberals), who want you to believe that everything you believe is not only wrong, but immoral and seditious.

Topics included those taboo two-syllable words that have the letters "gg" in the middle. One of those words, the one that starts with an "N" (sorry, Tammy, I'm still too frightened to even write it out loud), has an interesting bit of history behind it. Apparently it's not necessarily tied to black folks, but to any dark skinned folks. It is used by the Spanish to refer to the Mexican Indians, and also by other races as a derogatory reference to an underclass. But we don't know that, because we're not allowed to say the word for fear of offending people!

Ms. Bruce abhors Jesse-Jackson-esque "false victim" mentality, and warns not to let the left dictate our morals or influence our impressions of folks when muckraking terms like "racist" are thrown at people, who have no chance of defending themselves--after all, it's impossible to prove a negative!

She uncovered the left's basic mind-controlling agenda:
Step 1: Make it taboo to say it.
Step 2: Once we stop saying it, we stop thinking it.
Step 3: The issue is now left to those in control who may proceed to control the definitions and dictate morality.

Learn more about Tammy Bruce here.

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