Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Chemerinsky says UC Irvine rescinds offer to become law school dean
quote of the day:
"'If there's room for Ken Starr and John Eastman to be the dean of a law school, there's room for Erwin Chemerinsky,' Levenson said, referring to the conservative constitutional scholars who are the deans at the Pepperdine and Chapman law schools, respectively."

I don't know what is more surprising... that the LA Times didn't explicitly refer to the vast right wing conspiracy at work in this rescission, or the fact that they credited Dean Starr and Dean Eastman with the proper classification of "constitutional scholars."

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  1. I find it highly disappointing and upsetting that Chemerinsky was given the boot on the basis of his political viewpoints. The only thing worse than a flaming liberal or conservative is one that is afraid to say so. I'd rather be hit over the head with ideology than be slowly poisoned with it.